Hey fam!

Thanks for visiting my site – I’ve said its a new blog but I’ve had it almost three years now, I just haven’t been posting much so I’m going to change that this year. 

Also, this used to just be a film blog, now its going be a lot more vague and a bit all over the place. I dunno, we’ll figure it out together. I’ll start with stuff inspired by the young African experience in media, and we’ll see where it goes from there. 

I like to hear your thoughts and I want an interactive/collaborative situation so if you like what you read/see and want to contribute, just hit me up on my socials (which should be in the widgets at the bottom). 

I’ll be sharing my published newspaper articles too, as well as clips/films I’m working on. And a whole lot of personal randoms. 

Thanks again, hope to hear from you. 

Peace x Love


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