Talking African Spirituality

The following conversations are based on specific subject matters within spiritual culture. South African Spiritual Healers discuss ways in which we can find healing in these different areas of our lives. You can subscribe to the AfroSavvy YouTube channel for more.

Spirituality in Relationships

On the first night of the October New Moon, we sat down with Gogo Khanyakude, Gogo Ntombi, Gogo Simenjalo and Gogo Makhosentaba to discuss spirituality in relationships. They shared some of the challenges of dating as a sangoma, the romance in spiritual alignment and African indigenous knowledge systems that governed love and family.

Spirituality in Language

We sat down with Gogo Khanyakude (Tiisetso Makhubedu) and Mkhulu Philip (Blondie Makhene) to discuss the sacred nature of language in both the spiritual and physical realm. Topics include: the language of our ancestors, the depth in African idioms and understanding your clan names.

Spirituality in African Hair

We sat down with Gogo Zanempilo and Mkhulu Mkhatshwa to discuss the significance of African hair in the spiritual journey into Africanism. They touch on the symbolism behind certain coming of age rituals involving hair and how hair is treated during the process of ukuthwasa.

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