‘In Conversation’ Series

This conversational series is a collection of ongoing discussions that we are having with healers that we encounter along our spiritual journey. We focus on exploring topics that Africans can benefit from learning and understanding. Our aim is to educate Africans on their authentic spirituality as well as to give insight into how the spirituality can be applied in our practical lives in order to improve our livelihood, individually and collectively, as African people.

In the following episodes, we have touched on a variety of topics, including: the African spiritual identity, the ancestral calling, spirituality within tradition, spirituality outside of tradition, the science in our indigenous African knowledge systems and much more.

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Episode 1: In Conversation with Spiritual Medium, Nontobeka Toba

Spiritual Medium, Nontobeka Toba shares the ancestral knowledge she has gained in her 20 year journey through work with ancestors and ancestral healing.

Episode 2: In Conversation with Gogo Ntombi

Traditional Healer, Gogo Ntombi shares some of her joys and challenges in the training process towards becoming a Sangoma.

Episode 3: In Conversation with Gogo Khanyakude

Traditional Healer and Gobela, Tiisetso Xigambe Makhubedu, sat down with us to discuss the science of spirituality, African indigenous knowledge systems, Isintu and sexuality in spirituality.

Episode 4: In Conversation with Mkhulu Nsingiza

Trained and taught by Credo Mutwa, Mkhulu Nsingiza is a Kemet Historian and Spiritual Guide as well as the Co-Founder of the African Calendar. We sat down with him during the Full Moon to discuss the African Calendar, African deities, and the principles of Ancient Kemet that empowered African people to rule the world. This conversation teaches on how those principles can be applied to our generation in order to restore the dignity and power of our people.

Episode 5: In Conversation with Machaka Mogale

We visited Healer and Rainmaker, Machaka Mogale, to discuss the history of climate engineering in African Spirituality, the reason we no longer explore gifts of this nature, as well as his own ability to altar the atmosphere. This conversation will continue in further detail in our upcoming mini-documentary on RainMaking in Africa.

More episodes coming soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to the You/tube channel if you’d like to keep up with upcoming AfroSavvy conversations.

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