African Spiritual Identity Workshop

AfroSavvy is hosting a workshop to educate on Indigenous African Knowledge Systems. We’re inviting you to tap into inner divine wisdom that will be for the progression of African people.

The workshop will be led by Kemet Historian, Mkhulu Nsingiza and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Specialist, Gogo Khanyakude (check out the YouTube channel for some teachings they have already shared with us). Music will be led by Mkhulu Blondie Makhene and a special guest. The following video is a summary of the topics that will be explored and taught on this day.

Gogo Khanyakude will be educating on the Principles of Ubuntu while Mkhulu Nsingiza will be sharing his wisdom on the Principles of Ma’at. In the following video, we chat with Mkhulu Nsingiza about the fundamental factors of African Spiritual practice that Africans can identify with in order to get in touch with their authentic African identity.

We look forward to meeting everyone that will be attending this workshop! You can contact 0845594876 to purchase a ticket and answers to all enquiries regarding this event. It will be held on November 16th in Randburg, Johannesburg. We encourage all attendees to bring a notepad, pen and a spirit that is ready to learn. 

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