AfroBeads – Blending Style and Tradition

AfroBeads was born 4 years ago by Christina Mudau. After leaving her job as an assistant buyer of one of the biggest retailers in South Africa, her journey took a different direction.

After having dreams about a gift from her late mother and dreams about beads, she then decided to teach herself how to bead. This new ability combined with her creative nature and fashion sense gave birth to AfroBeads Fashion Accessories. Being born from mix culture parents she soon realized that this was a great way of staying true to who she is without choosing a specific culture. This gave way to the type of beading style and designs. 

Afro beads soon got the attention of people like Zenande Mfenyana, LadyX, Phelo Bala and Andy T. 

AfroBeads don’t just make beads, our aim is to touch the African spirit and pride of all our clients. 

AfroBeads products can be ordered through AfroSavvy. Contact us on social media or here on our ‘Contact Us’ page. For more information on their products and different designs, you can visit their instagram @afrobeadsfashionaccessories

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