A Brand for the Proud Sangoma

Busisiwe Mkhize is the founder and Chief Design Officer for Mwezipendo Couture. The company was established in 2018, as a brand created with consciousness, headed by a style maven and sangoma. Her designs are geared to help people connect to their royal selves. Under Mwezipendo you will find two movements – footprint of my ancestors a movement and brand that was triggered by Busisiwe’s initiation journey (ukutwasa) to become a sangoma. Her journey made her understand the importance of walking in the footprint of her ancestors. She wants that for every individual who wants to achieve the same level of confidence for themselves and their families to rise and to continue where their kings and queens left off. 

The second brand, Proud Sangoma, was triggered by her ubungoma journey, a journey with a lot of stigma. So ProudSangoma reclaims that pride. We at Mwezipendo recognize our royalty and the responsibility to let spirit guidance permeate through all our lives.

Mwezipendo merchandise including the Proud Sangoma and Footprints of our Ancestors products can be ordered through AfroSavvy. Contact us on social media or here on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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