The Pitika Ntuli Art Studio

The Pitika Ntuli Art Studio is full of spiritually charged artwork and literature. It contains Prof. Ntuli’s sculptures of wood, bone, metal, bronze and stone; along with his paintings and sketches. During his 30 years in exile, Pitika travelled around the world, spending the majority of that time in Swaziland and the United Kingdom; studying and accumulating political, cosmic and spiritual wisdom. He hosts seminars in which young africans can gather to learn about their heritage and traditional spiritual practise. In our conversation with him, he shares the importance of raising the depth of knowledge we should have on the origins of our innate nature as African people and the ways in which we can accumulate that knowledge.

Prof. Pitika Ntuli speaks to the AfroSavvy team about African Spiritual Traditions. Photo credit: Sipho Mabuza (Instagram: @sipho_snaps)

The Pitika Ntuli Art Studio is situated in Wynberg, Johannesburg. It is constantly producing and distributing his sculptures to be displayed worldwide. We’ve been honoured to build a relationship with this teacher and to participate in his information-packed seminars. Below are a few photographs of sculptures and paintings from his gallery that inspired us, along with some of our favourite moments with him on the set of our documentary shoot.

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